Sunday, September 6, 2009

Looking back at memories

Looking back at some photos of old memories got me thinking about the past, present and future. Life is so unpredictable. And using hindsight things that I've done I wish I didn't, just as the things I didn't do I wish I had done. So thinking back on my life, I got into wondering what the future has to bring, never knowing what's going to happen, and how every decision I make or will make affects my life greatly. My life is so different from what it once used to be. So with these thoughts I was inspired to write this poem:

A Mind Distorted

That which once was no longer is
The smiles and laughter from back when
Now solely exist as remnants of the past
All that remains is but a hollow being
Lifeless, soulless nothing left
Bearing the scars of life
Numbed by the ice cold slap that is reality
So many changes all come so fast
Each one I know, is not the last
As I look back the tears, they come
Since the life before, is not life now
So many things I'd have done different
The world, from it I've separate
My soul, my heart no longer present
A world of darkness I reside
But hope still glimmers inside
A light that with time will overcome the shadows
And so I wait in silence for the hands...
The hands of restitution to deliver me back my happiness and lift me from this sorrow
A sorrow I no longer wish to bear withing my being
Return to me my happiness
Happiness, which has yet to be truly known
Though my patience it grows thin
I now know that I must take control
If to begin anew
Life is passing by, so I now stand up
On my own to feet with realization
That I must do things for my own
For I must take control of my own destiny.

Willmer Medina

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